Best Tapas Restaurants In Gainesville, FL

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Dragonfly Gainesville is a restaurant located in Gainesville, Florida at 201 Southeast 2nd Avenue. This restaurant serves miso, avocado, pork spring rolls, n.y. strip yakisoba, grilled salmon, pork dumplings, and spicy sauce. They also serve grilled shio saba (salted mackerel), crispy tofu, crunch roll, beef tataki, crispy ebi, box sushi, and choose your seafood. They are open every day of the...
201 Southeast 2nd Avenue, Gainesville, FL, 32601
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More Tapas Restaurants Restaurants Near Gainesville, FL

Saboré is a restaurant located in Newberry, Florida at 13005 Southwest 1 Road. This restaurant serves classic screwdriver, panzanella salad, antonio's burrata salad, organic baby kale salad, quinoa stir fry bowl, classic mimosa, and beef empanadas. They also serve good morning sunshine, zarusoba tuna tataki salad, tuna tostón, the rising of the pepper, petite american kobe flank steak salad,...
13005 Southwest 1 Road, Newberry, FL, 32669