Best European Restaurants In Milford, CT

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Bin 100 is a restaurant located in Milford, Connecticut at 100 Lansdale Avenue. They are open every day of the week. Bin 100 combines great cuisine, fine wine, comfortable ambiance & impeccable service at their Italian restaurant. Call us today for catering services. An active member of the community, Elena is involved in many local and national charities and organizations. She is a member and...
100 Lansdale Avenue, Milford, CT, 06460
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More European Restaurants Restaurants Near Milford, CT

Ballou's Wine Bar is a restaurant located in Guilford, Connecticut at 51 Whitfield Street. This restaurant serves italian cheese, ballou's house meatballs, pearl sensation with shrimp, bacon, ballou's lobster mac & cheese, shooters, and pulled pork. They also serve ballou's award winning lobster bisque, vegetarian black bean, ballou's "b" bites, gourmet meatloaf, italian sausage, ballou's beef...
51 Whitfield Street, Guilford, CT, 06437