Best Soup Restaurants In Willits, CA

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Loose Caboose Cafe is a restaurant located in Willits, California at 10 Wood Street. This restaurant serves reuben dog, western pacific shakes, milk, railroad combo, warm bread stick, vegi hobo breakfast croissant, and two scoop sundae. They also serve rxr cheese pizza, vegi chef, northern pacific ice cream, chattanooga chicken, eureka southern malts, engine 45 croissant, and whistle stop soup....
10 Wood Street, Willits, CA, 95490
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More Soup Restaurants Restaurants Near Willits, CA

Quiznos is a restaurant located in Ukiah, California at 113 South State Street. This restaurant serves french dip, sonoma turkey, classic italian, double cheese prime rib, harvest chicken, meatball, and greek chicken. They also serve cheese, veggies, soups of the day, turkey ranch & double swiss, mesquite chicken, mediterranean chicken, and dressing. They are open every day except Sunday. Find...
113 South State Street, Ukiah, CA, 95482