Best Italian Restaurants In Janesville, CA

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Pizza Factory is a restaurant located in Janesville, California at 464-420 South Church Street. This restaurant serves western bbq chicken, any sandwich, tuna salad, soup of the day, italian sub, vegetarian, and mt. larsen. They also serve any pasta, lasagna, combo, one trip salad, hawaiian, baked spaghetti, and antipasto salad. They are open every day of the week. For over 30 years, Pizza...
464-420 South Church Street, Janesville, CA, 96114
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More Italian Restaurants Restaurants Near Janesville, CA

White House is a restaurant located in Susanville, California at 3085 Johnstonville Road. This restaurant serves tom kha gai, bud light, cheeseburger, wonton soup, dinner salad, avocado curry, and onion rings. They also serve chicken wings, white house royal salad, western bacon cheeseburger, brown rice, corona, rib eye steak, and coors light. They are open every day except Monday and Sunday....
3085 Johnstonville Road, Susanville, CA, 96130