Best Soup Restaurants In Arcata, CA

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Japhy's Soup & Noodles is a restaurant located in Arcata, California at 1563 G Street. This restaurant serves creamy chicken soup, chinese beef potroast over egg noodles, lentil soup, cookies baked with organic flour and oi, choose your topping, choose your dressing, and add a slice of fresh-baked. They also serve joe's potato kinshes, japhy's thai-style curry, small green salad, large salad,...
1563 G Street, Arcata, CA, 95521
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Queso Kings is a restaurant located in Loleta, California at 252 Loleta Drive. They are open every day of the week. Our future second home will be located at 95 Linden Street in Oakland, next to Campovida's Wine Tasting Room and Old Kan Brewery and Restaurant. Both the area and the building are very distinctive in Oakland's history, and the circa 1887 building is the perfect backdrop to frame...
252 Loleta Drive, Loleta, CA, 95551