Best Sandwich Restaurants In Sheridan, AR

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Subway is a restaurant located in Sheridan, Arkansas at 1116 South Rock Street. This restaurant serves cold cut combo, spicy italian, chicken & bacon ranch melt, meatball marinara, steak & cheese, roast beef, and italian b.m.t.. They also serve tuna, turkey melt, chipotle chicken & cheese, veggie delite, black forest ham, sweet onion chicken teriyaki, and turkey breast. They are open every day...
1116 South Rock Street, Sheridan, AR, 72150
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Subway is a restaurant located in Little Rock, Arkansas at 20501 Arch Street. This restaurant serves sweet onion chicken teriyaki, black forest ham, oven roasted chicken, turkey breast & black forest ham, turkey breast, veggie delite, and cookies. They also serve b.l.t., jalapeno tuna, chicken parmesan, yogurt parfait, steak & cheese, spicy italian, and roast beef. They are open every day of...
20501 Arch Street, Little Rock, AR, 72206