Best Chicken Restaurants In Union Springs, AL

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Church's Chicken is a restaurant located in Union Springs, Alabama at 101 S. Prairie Street. They are open every day of the week. The man with a vision to lead the brand to become the global franchisor of choice. Joe Christina is responsible for all Church’s Chicken and Texas Chicken restaurants across the globe. He’s on a mission to lead the global QSR team that best understands the chicken...
101 S. Prairie Street, Union Springs, AL, 36089
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More Chicken Restaurants Restaurants Near Union Springs, AL

Church's Chicken is a restaurant located in Tuskegee, Alabama at 305 North Main Street. This restaurant serves double chicken n cheese sandwiches, creamy jalapeno, honey-butter biscuits, original chicken, apple pie, french fries, and honey bbq chicken sandwich. They also serve buffalo chicken sandwich, spicier spicy chicken, coleslaw, spicy southern style chicken sandwich, spicy chicken...
305 North Main Street, Tuskegee, AL, 36083